The Spoke Project

The purpose of the Spoke Project is to create an inter-connected network of Catholic sites based in New Zealand.

As Catholics, we are blessed to be part of a truly universal Church, and as New Zealanders we are further blessed with a rich and wonderful land. However, preaching the Good News of Christ and His Church is not an easy job - especially in a country where the call of God is often shouted out by more material (and less important) concerns.

So, this project aims to share the rich and diverse aspects of our faith with others using the Internet as a communication tool. Christ compelled us to go forth and spread the Good News - this is a commission that applies regardless of where in the Church we fit. The Internet can be a dark and scary place - but it also provides us with a great opportunity to shout His message louder than ever!

The Spoke Project consists of a web framework that allows websites to be quickly and easily created, with a rich feature set including calendars, galleries, blogs, forums, RSS feeds - to name but a few!  Moreover, each site can be be fully maintained by people who have no knowledge of how to program the Internet.

Where to from here?

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